Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 21 - QR Codes Made Books Accessible To Early Readers! - Mrs. Hoyt - Pine Glen Kindergarten

This post first appeared on Mrs. Hoyt's Blog 

Room 103 opened a new reading/listening station last week! We have books in our reading area that have QR codes on them. These codes allow students to access the story being read aloud through the iPad!

This is especially exciting for our early learners as most are not able to read books independently as of yet.

The initiative came about as the result of a collaborative effort of many teachers. After Mrs. Hoyt presented the idea to colleagues and acquired a variety of codes, Ms. Marcus, mobile learning coach of Burlington's Education Technology team spent hours reviewing the QR codes to ensure the books we were offering had valid codes. Ms. Small our librarian continues to work to ensure we have the books to go along with the codes and supported our desire to add QR codes to the front of the library books, and Mr. Donoff, Pine Glen's technology teacher worked with students to teach them about the iPads and QR codes.

After a day of learning how to use the iPads to read QR codes and some practice, students were encouraged the next day to visit the station independently. Success! They loved it! We are very excited to make reading and listening to stories accessible for everyone! Teachers will continue to work to have a variety of stories available to read throughout the year.

Students can read along with the paper version or follow along on the iPad.

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