Friday, September 16, 2016

Day 9 - WEEK TWO - ON THE WAY TO SMART SUCCESS - Mrs. Anderson - BHS Business Dept

I met with all students this week one-on-one to go over their SMART Goals.  Students developed a goal that they plan to achieve by the end of the term, October 28th.  These goals are all written to be specific and measurable so that when I do another one-on-one mid-point check, we can evaluate the progress towards that goal.
Most students picked the goal to improve their grades in a specific class and they listed the steps needed to get there (do homework more purposefully every night, write questions when stuck on something to ask the teacher the next day, review problems from the night before once it was learned to review and re-enforce learning, start studying at least 2 days in advance, see the teacher for extra help before a test and anytime they are stuck).
Other students are working on athletic, music or self-improvement goals. I am excited to see their progress and parents feel free to ask your students’ what they are working on.
Intro to Business
Work and discussion is beginning to answer the Essential Question: What type of economy is best to help the most people in a society?  Students begin this journey by understanding the difference between having no choices (command/communist society) and having lots of choices (capitalist / free market society).  Student work involves taking notes, having open notebook quizzes on their note taking, then we will work on group and individual activities through out the next week supplemented by reviewing of material and supplemented information to really get a feel for the different types of economies out there.
Intro to Marketing

What is Marketing?  That is this classes’ essential question.  By reading recent articles in and (honors marketing read an additional article in about the how some companies are mainstreaming Trans Stories in ads) students learned about Marketing Tactics companies can employ to build lifelong loyalty with customers as well as all the data that is collected on them in FaceBook.  Students were surprised by the data collected on “unsuspecting” consumers and felt a slight invasion of privacy that their data can be used for marketing purposes. They also realized that companies are focused and motivated profit-wise, to build customer loyalty and will do so by personalizing as much as they can as well as enabling ease of ordering for their customers.  

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