Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 4 - Special Visitor to Room 20 (PFC Brian Cox) - Mr. Daley - Fox Hill Grade 4

This post first appeared on Mr. Daley's Blog

Today in Room 20, we welcomed a very special visitor, U.S. Marine Private First Class (PFC) Brian Cox, brother of Room 20's Sean C. PFC Cox, a former Fox Hill School student, is scheduled to leave for San Diego on Monday for infantry training and then on to his reconnaissance job.

PFC Cox discussed with the kids the importance of studying in school in order to help them become anything they want to be when they grow older. His message of hard work, dedication, and commitment was well received and understood by the Room 20 community.

Thank YOU, PFC Cox, for YOUR hard work, dedication, and commitment; and thank you for your service as a United States Marine.

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