Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 170 - Students Proudly Walk the Runway Thanks to Rep. Ken Gordon - BHS Art Department

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PictureOn Tuesday, May 31 the State House filled with young artists and fashion designers! I was delighted to see students who work so hard all year honored with a show  that highlighted their hard work and properly showed what public school education is producing and was spectacular!

Thanks to Rep. Ken Gordon the students had the FIRST fashion show at the state house! Thanks to the vision of his aide Mary Guay we created a wonderful runway in the Great Hall, set up an art display of 2d and 3D art. Visionary Teacher Keith March Mistler started the fashion design class four years ago and has worked to build and grown this wonderful class.

The hall filled up with proud students, parents, community members, school committee members, house representatives and others who saw an ad or the WCVB Eye Opener and came to support the students and the show.

Special thanks to all who attended and our amazing sponsors:
Whole Bunch of Flowers
Lexi Photography
David's Tea
True North

Thanks to NECN, the Boston Globe and BCAT for covering the event! Thanks to the BECCand Deborah Clark for including her wonderful students in the show modeling the adaptive clothing that the fashion students created.

Thank you to our wonderful alum who generous let us model and feature their designs:
Rachel Faller of Tonle
Erika Landry
Maya Russell
Gaju Carole Niyonzima
Kailee Abeshaus

and thank you to Rep. Ken Gordon, Vanessa Ovian, PR Manager, Mary Guay, and the invaluable Rosalyn Minassian, parent volunteer and President of the Friends of the Arts- we could not have done this event without you!

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