Monday, April 11, 2016

Day 136 - Be Safe on the Internet! - Mrs. Hoyt - Pine Glen Kindergarten

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Safety is our number one priority!

Mrs. Ardizzoni visited room 103 on Thursday afternoon to present a lesson on internet safety!  We discussed some important rules about using internet devices.

1- Always ask a grown up (mom or dad) for permission before playing any games or using any devices.

2- Never communicate with strangers.  Many of us skype/facetime and communicate with friends and family but we do not connect with strangers.

3- Only visit sites and apps that our grown ups agree are appropriate for us.

We watched a short video pertaining to internet safety and then visited a couple of teacher approved sites!  Students loved seeing themselves on the class blog and really enjoyed learning about animals at the San Diego Zoo site!

Hey that is us on the projection screen!

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