Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 133 - Vocabulary Lesson on Winter - Ms. Farmer - Francis Wyman Grade 1

Although it may have been easier to generate vocabulary words which described winter last year, the children in reading class were asked to generate words which described the season in class this past winter.  

  • The lesson began with the entire class brainstorming words and phrases which described summer. 

  • Once the children understood the concept of "brainstorming" and how to do it as a group, they were instructed to go to their seats and brainstorm words and phrases which described winter on their own.  With a little teacher direction, the students were all able to generate their winter words in their journal.
  • The boys and girls then put their words together to make a List Poem about winter.  They learned that a list poem did not need to rhyme. 
  • Then they cut-out and decorated a snow man and filled their creation with their very own descriptive list poem:

Here are some photos of their completed pieces being displayed in the hallway:

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