Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 111 - QR Code Book Reviews - Mr.Murphy - Fox Hill Library/Media Center

Between this week and last week, 5th graders have been creating QR Code book reviews so we can share our favorite books. The reviews were done using the Book Creator app so students could get creative in their book review design, choosing fonts, colors, graphics, and layout.
First, students picked a favorite book. The choice was completely up to them. They thought about what they liked and why other kids should read the book they love. We had to make sure we told what was exciting and interesting without including a spoiler! This can be tricky to do! Students worked on their iPads and worked together to share graphic design tips and help each other with their writing and layout and design.
Students then shared their review with me using Google Drive. Once the review was uploaded and shared with me, we used the Qrafter app to generate QR codes. We printed them out and the students cut out their codes and taped them to the back of their book.
This week we’ll add about fifty more QR codes to books. This is a great way for students to share the books they love and for other students to easily discover their next favorite book! The best part of course is that all reviews were created by and for students!
Next time you visit the library, look for books with a QR code on the back. Scan them with the Qrafter app. Your next favorite book is waiting!

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