Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 95 - Published Persuasive Movies! - Mrs. Bourgeois - Pine Glen Grade 1

Over the past few weeks first graders have been hard at work wearing many different hats-- researchers, note takers, authors, illustrators, and producers. We are very proud of our finished product-- a persuasive movie about the season we think is the best. The process was a long one-- but it was worth it! Here are the steps we took to complete our finished product:

  1. We researched the four seasons and took notes in a research notebook.
  2. We chose which season we thought was the best and made a list of reasons why.
  3. We rated our reasons on a scale of 1-4 to find our strongest, most persuasive reasons.
  4. We wrote a catchy lead sentence to grab our audience’s attention.
  5. We drafted our reasons using transition words and juicy details!
  6. We came up with snazzy titles to make our movies more appealing.
  7. We illustrated and researched pictures for each reason.
  8. We imported our pictures into the iMovie app and recorded our movie!
We are SO excited to finally be able to share our finished product with our families and friends! We hope that we are able to persuade you to believe the season we chose is the best season of all!  

Check out Morgan's below and click on the names of any of the other students to see their movies.

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