Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 91 - Mr. Musselman Rocks the MSMS Learning Commons with Earthquake Presentation - MSMS Blog

This morning, Mr. Musselman from the Burlington Science Center paid a visit to the Marshall Simonds Learning Commons to share a presentation with our 6th graders. The focus of his presentation was on Plate Tectonics and how Earthquakes form.

Mr. Musselman, with the help of some student volunteers,  demonstrated how earthquakes occur, where earthquakes are most likely to happen, and some of the engineering challenges architects face when building “quake-resistant” structures. Mr. Musselman also pointed out the layers of the earth and the tectonic plates that make up the lithosphere.

Lastly, he modeled harmonic resonance in buildings of different heights where one building shakes to show how certain buildings shake more than others during earthquakes.  Mr. Musselman also explained liquefaction, a phenomena that occurs when the sediment based earth becomes liquid like as shaking creates more space between the sediment particles and water seeps into those spaces.

We’d like to thank Mr. Musselman for taking the time to visit Marshall Simonds to put on these wonderful demonstrations!

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