Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 78 - Persuasive Writing Samples - Mrs. Casey's 5th Graders at Francis Wyman

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Less Homework by Dustyn M.

I think that we get too much homework. We already have to work six hours a day at school and then we have to come home and do more work. When we do have homework, not everyone has time to come home and do it. Kids have a lot of after school activities. Kids should have time to go outside and play and not have to worry about their homework. Homework usually stresses kids out and makes them hate homework even more. Homework keeps kids up too late, then they aren't alert for school the next day. These are my reasons of why there shouldn't be homework.

No Smoking by Mitchell C.

Smoking should be banned everywhere because it is dangerous and it can kill people. Smoking harms nearly every organ in your body. Some of these harmful effects are immediate. For some people, smoking is hard to stop because you get addicted. You get addicted because of a drug in the tobacco called nicotine. There have been over 7,000 bad chemicals identified in secondhand smoking. That is not fair to non smokers. Over 250 of the chemicals are known to damage your health. For example, it can cause lung cancer.

Let Them Play Football by Nick C.

Have you ever worried about your kids playing football? Well don't worry any more! Football has changed over the years. In football, they have helmets you can buy that when you're about to hit get an airbag goes off in your helmet. It might sound crazy but it's true! Football is also good for keeping in shape. Football is a tough sport, but it makes your kid stronger. Most parents don't want there children to play football because concussions are talked about in the news a lot. Kids could possibly get a concussion on the playground. So don't worry let your kids play football!

Get Paid for Good Grades by Godly S.

I think that kids who go to Francis Wyman Elementary should get paid for good grades. Throughout the year, kids work hard and study for test. Kids also try to be as good as they can in order to get good grades. As a part of kid’s getting paid for good grades, they should also remember to bring in their homework, listen, follow directions, and do what the teacher asks. I know that these are some good reasons for kids to get paid for their good grades.

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