Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 39 - Family Science Night - Nicole McDonald - Francis Wyman Principal

This post originally appeared on Principal McDonald's Blog

The popular rocket building & launching area
Exploring Oobleck - a solid or a liquid?
Francis Wyman students and their families enjoyed an evening filled with hands on science activities.  Sponsored by the Burlington Science Center, Ms. Pavlicek and Mr. Musselman, along with a multitude of student and parent volunteers, provided many engaging, hands-on science activities for all to enjoy. Students learned about constellations and got a close up view of stars and the moon in our night sky and in the Star Lab.  Live animals were on display, rockets and music makers were built, and all students enjoyed experimenting with their own cup of "oobleck".  A great time was had by all and I am grateful to all the staff, volunteers, and families that helped to make the evening a great success!

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