Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 30 - A Peek from the Last TWO Weeks - Mrs. Warford - Memorial School Grade 4

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We've been so busy in 228 that I haven't had time for a new post! We're finally getting into a groove and having a lot of fun learning as we move through the curriculum. Below are some highlights of what we've been up to. Keep your eyes open for a field trip permission slip that is coming home this week!


We continue our investigation of force and motion. Students investigated the force of gravity with a experiment "The Dominoes Will Fall". Our essential question was does gravity affect all objects the same way. Students made predictions and ran tests to see which object would hit the ground first when dropped from the same height at the same time:

- two single dominoes
- two double dominoes
- one single and one double domino

We found in all cases, the dominoes hit the ground at the same time, showing us that gravity affects all things the same regardless of their size and weight.

Unscrambling vocabulary!

Which domino will hit the ground first? 


We wrapped up our work with Envisions Topic 2, examining numerical patterns, shape patterns, geometric patters, and identifying and writing rules for tables. Students worked on a challenging QR code activity where they had to identify the rule, the next number, and the tenth number. Some of them were VERY difficult. Students also created their own rules for input/output tables and challenged their classmates to identify the rule, missing outputs, and missing inputs.


Students completed their first independent homework assignment and took their first vocabulary quiz. In guided reading, we're focusing on fiction story elements and characters traits while enjoying some short fiction and historical fiction texts. In Writer's Workshop, students started their first personal narrative, focusing on a single moment in time when they felt fear or panic. Most exciting for students was meeting their first grade buddies! We partnered up with Mrs. Gearin's first grade class and complete interviews to learn about each other. Fourth graders then spent time reading some classics to their new first grade friends.

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