Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 180 - Bubble Man - Sarah Visocchi - Pine Glen Grade 4

Have you worked with bubbles today?  If you have washed your hands, brushed your teeth, and had breakfast (digestion), then you have worked with lots of bubbles according to the Bubble Man!  On Tuesday, we experienced an amazing show all about bubbles.  We learned some of the science behind bubbles, as well as received information about how to build our own bubble makers.  So get some bubble liquid and start making bubbles!

Can you make a snowman with bubbles?
Do you know how to blow a bubble around a dinosaur?  It's a whole new Jurassic World! Try it at home!
Ellie in a bubble!

Ellie even got to try!

Thank you so much to our Pine Glen PTO for enriching our students and teachers with such a fun program!

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