Monday, June 22, 2015

Day 177 - LightSail in Burlington Classrooms - Dennis Villano - Director of Technology Integration


Students and teachers in Burlington are using a new literacy accelerator called LightSail. The system has provided excellent opportunities for teacher intervention and support resulting in student academic growth. LightSail has been used extensively at Marshall Simonds Middle School in our 1:1 iPad learning program. The application has been praised by students and teachers.
LightSail provides a platform for completing independent reading with a full class of students all at different levels. Teacher have the ability to personalize the experience for every student. Teachers are able to see exactly where students are in guided reading groups and are able to pinpoint individual breakdowns of comprehension in the moment. LightSail provides students with the ability to ask the questions they may be embarrassed to ask during class as well as the use of scaffolds built in for the various levels of students in the class.
LightSail’s digital literacy solution takes the best practices of literacy instruction and combines them into one app. The results in Burlington have been overwhelming positive. Teachers report the enhancement of literacy gains and the ability to streamline instruction while personalizing individual student experiences with ease. Teachers have reported that LightSail allows for the personalization of materials for each student, allowing them to read the best books at their level. LightSail can also adapt students’ libraries as they grow and deliver instant, actionable data to teachers by embedding in-text assessments into books. Burlington teachers are using LightSail’s instant data progress dashboards to easily personalize instruction. School leaders and reading specialists can see daily data for every student and classroom if needed.
LightSail Progress Dashboard
Live Progress Results

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