Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 163 - Owl Pellet Dissection - Mrs. Lynch - Pine Glen Grade 3

Keira finds something Sharp
Look no Gloves!
Go Girl!

Building a Skeleton

Complete vertebral column,
How cool!

I think this is a Vole

Cora showing Mr. Lyons
her mandible bone from a

Chloe with expert precision

Alex and  Dylan digging on in

Caleb and friends looking closely

Kate, Ryan and Pedro
looking at bones

Students had a special treat  when they came back from the Reservoir field trip. Each class had two Owl Pellets to dissect. Using a Dichotomous Key, they dissected  the pellets with toothpicks and forks.Carefully they pried away the fur to find bones from the owl's prey. 

They used deductive reasoning to figure out what type of mammal the Owl had consumed.  This was simply Amazing to watch!! One of my Favorites.

Mrs. Doherty and Mrs. Cunha's classes rotated in to my room for this scientific experience. Many students were leary of touching the pellet thinking that it was poop. I explained to them that it wasn't and eventually with the help of some surgical gloves all students enjoyed this hands on activity.

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