Friday, May 29, 2015

Day 161 - 6th Graders Visit MFA For A Scavenger Hunt - Mrs. Rogers - MSMS BEAM Program

I’ve been delayed in posting lately, due to commencement activities for my oldest son (woohoo!).  Add one more mechanical engineer to the STEM pool (and one less adult child not having to live in a parent’s basement).
Recently, following our study of Art History and American/European Masters, 6th grade BEAMers traveled to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts along with MSMS media teacher Emeritus, Arthur Pinsoneault.  Students made their way through various exhibits competing for points upon recognizing various artworks and/or information gathered from posted signs.  Taking “selfies” at various parts of the tour were required (for maximum point values) and here are a few:
IMG_2114IMG_2427image1 (1) IMG_3563IMG_4754IMG_4760image1

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