Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 159 - North America Continent Book Project - Mrs. Scott - Francis Wyman Grade 2

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We spent many hours researching and learning about North America.  Our many hours of research was then transformed into peer and teacher edited informative writing and beautiful illustrations.
Tristan and Shalom

Matthew and Sneha

Amelia designing her Statue of Liberty illustration

Adwait working on his Niagara Falls illustration

Pranathi and Maya designing their page

Ashneel and Tyrese adding their writing to their page

Hamd and Bella working on their illustrations for the Interesting Facts page

Chloe and Nicolette's Animals page layout

The Finished Pages......

The cover of our book was done by Bella

Matthew and Sneha worked researched and designed the Countries page

Pranathi and Maya did a great job researching and creating one of the Landform pages

Eshaan and Rumaysaa worked together to research and create the other Landform page

Tristan and Shalom researched animals in North America

Chloe and Nicolette learned about and designed another Animal page

Amelia and Adwait Learned about Important Places in North America

Ashneel and Tyrese researched and created another page about Important Places

Bella and Hamd worked together to create a page of Interesting Facts about North America

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