Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 146 - Insect Observation Journals - Mrs. Boucher - Francis Wyman Grade 2

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Today we got some new visitors from the science center to help us with our insects study.  We have some caterpillars and a Luna moth cocoon.  We will be observing the life cycles of these creatures LIVE.

 As we were setting up our observation journals, the moth actually hatched!  I noticed a liquid on the table and Ayaan saw the moth on a chair nearby.  It was a great experience for us all.  He will stay with us for a couple days so we can get more observations, then we will set him free. 

We will continue to observe the changes that happen with our caterpillars.

Working on the cover page

Using Book Creator for our observation journals
Our moth hatching

Observing the new moth

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