Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 130 - String Update (Performance Day!) - Mrs. Rzasa and Mrs. Niu - Memorial School Music

This post first appeared on the Memorial School Music Blog

Today was PERFORMANCE DAY for the 3rd Graders!! (4th Graders are working on their challenging concert music). This is an opportunity for each student to play a piece that represents their best.  Below are some of the benefits of Performance Day:

  • Students play for, and inspire, their peers
  • Students gain independence playing alone
  • The more frequently they perform, the less nerves there will be come concert time
  • I can more accurately assess each student, and help them one-on-one
  • Each student becomes a teaching tool for the others in class, and students may offer suggestions to help their peers. 
  • It's fun!
(note:  not all students choose to be videotaped)

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