Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 115 - Which Season Is Most Important: Persuasive Writing - Ms. Farmer - Francis Wyman Grade 1

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After reading many books, watching educational videos and opening links on all of the four seasons, we came to realize that each and every season has importance.  However, each student was asked to choose only one season and write a piece to persuade readers that this one season was the most important.  They were to use facts and pictures to support their opinion.  Below is the final draft of all of their efforts.  Enjoy!

Click on the Cover page below to read the entire book: (Once book opens, scroll down to flip to the next page)

The Entire Process:
1.  We listened to videos and read articles about each season.

2.  We learned about the features of a great persuasive text and
     listened to examples of good persuasive articles.

3.  We chose the season that we were going to write about.

4.  We researched facts on our iPads and in books.  Notes were 
     taken on what we had learned.  We used this information       
     to persuade our readers that the season which we had chosen 
     was the most important.  

5.  We wrote our first draft, edited it and then wrote our final draft.

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