Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 93 - MSMS Photo Club Update: Food, Glorious Food! - Mrs. Rogers - MSMS Staff

MSMS Photo Club and Activity Block students have been focusing on still life scenes and food photography.  By utilizing the marked-down produce or floral departments at local supermarkets, we’ve been able to provide live prop material for students.  One of the most interesting pieces we’ve used has been a whole brussel sprout stalk, along with seasonal pomegranates and their arils (seeds).  Students are learning to hone composition skills by using seemingly ordinary fruits/vegetables in extraordinary ways.
But the most fun props are the ones you can eat!  Using creamsicles and chocolate-covered ice cream on a stick, students focused on staging foods that change states.  Because of the melting properties, students worked quickly and creatively to capture various images before eating the props!  Decorated cupcakes provided students with opportunities to master tight-cropping or macro shots, while also using the cakes within other still life scenes created from our growing prop-box.  Again, after we shoot, we eat!
We’ll add more student work as it comes in!
Cupcakes by Erin Kerr, Gr. 8
Brussell Sprout Stalk by Erin Kerr, Gr. 8
Enjoying a Snack by Sydney Craig, Grade 7
Still Life by Alison Martin, Gr. 8
Chillin’ It by Abby Fennell, Gr. 8
Happy Birthday! by Alison Martin, Gr. 8
Newsworthy by Erin Kerr, Gr. 8
Party Time by Alison Martin, Gr. 8
Citrus Slice by Erin Kerr, Gr. 8
Popsicle Bite by Erin Kerr, Gr. 8

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