Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Day 60 - MSMS Photo Club Visits Public Safety Buildings - MSMS Photo Club Students

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MSMS Photo Club students had the unique opportunity to visit the Burlington Police and Fire departments to take environmental portraits, which are photographs executed in the subject’s living, working, or playing environment and highlights his/her life and surroundings. Students were divided into two groups, each of which visited one of the venues. Photographers at the BPD were treated to an informative tour, given by Lt. Mills.  Firehouse visitors were welcomed by Captain Scott.  While not all students have completed combing through their images, we’re posting a few submissions here that Ms. Phillips and Mrs. Rogers have edited with HDR and Grunge filters.  More photos will be posted as they are made available.
“Boots” by Jade Sweeney, Grade 7
“Officer Hanafin” by Ashwini Shinde, Grade 8
“Lt. Mills” by Alison Martin, Grade 8
_DSC3179 copy
“Hero” by Billy Silva, Grade 6
“Captain Scott” by Ms. Phillips
Nicole Keddy, Grade 7
Firefighter Hat
Jade Sweeney, Grade 7
Erin Kerr, Grade 8
Erin Kerr, Grade 8
Erin Kerr, Grade 8

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