Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 41 - Tech Tips from Josh - Marshall Simonds Middle School Student Help Desk

This post first appeared on our Middle School Help Desk Blog

  1. To save battery life, disable Bluetooth, and turn the brightness as low as you can without straining your eyes


  2. If you are playing a game with ads, turn on airplane mode to disable those distracting ads. Obviously, this will only work if the game does not require internet connection


  3. If you use an accented letter such as ö, your passcode can be very hard to guess.

  1. You can cut an iPhone-shaped hole in a Pringles can to amplify sound. 


  2. If you are worried about your music playing in your pocket, do not keep your headphones plugged in, because the remote will cause it to play. Instead, disable Control Center on the lock screen. 


  3. If you really can’t stand that Apple decided to put U2 songs on everyone’s devices, or you just hate songs you downloaded a while ago,  go to Settings>Music and disable “Show All Music.” 


  1. If you’re worried about missing important notifications from certain people, but don’t want your friends waking you up with useless, pointless texts like “I like food”, you can go into settings and add contacts to a list that bypasses Do Not Disturb


  1. The new Weather app is greatly improved, as many new features were added. It also switched away from Yahoo Weather to the more-accurate Weather Channel.

  2. If you have iOS 8, It’s probably a good idea to fill out the Medical ID information in the Health app. This is so if something ever happened to you, EMS can see this information immediately.


10. When hearing an unfamiliar song, but want to know its title, you can ask Siri. 


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