Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 120 - MSMS Follett Challenge Video - MSMS Help Desk Students

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Help to make MSMS A Winner!
The MSMS HelpDesk activity block entered the Follett Challenge from submitting the video below. The Follett Challenge was created to find and reward schools for their work applying technology, content and creativity in ways that engage students, foster literacy and promote critical thinking.  As part of the competition, the STUDENTS created a short video about what makes our program unique. MSMS has been taken over by zombies. The only way to reverse the zombie takeover is to “technologize” the school.
Please support us by viewing our video and voting for our submission at:
30% of our total score is based on how well we spread the word about our video and earn votes!  You can cast one vote per day from now until April 4th, so be sure to visit often!
Thank you for your support.  Your vote could make the difference in helping our school be crowned the Follett Challenge champion!

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