Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 114 - Art Created In Response to David Sakura's Talk on Japanese American Internment - Christina Chang, BHS Art Staff

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After David Sakura's talk on his sad experiences during the Japanese American Internment Camps students created works of art in response what they learned about American history.

Here are links to articles about David Sakura and his talk at BHS:

The students in Drawing and Painting used materials of their choice to create a wide variety of work.
Teneshia created this digital painting. It captures the moments of waiting and imprisonment that David described.
Jovan created this drawing after researching photographs of the internment camps. He depicts the vastness of the simple and inadequate housing provided.
Wilson added a twist to the American flag by including barbed wire and the stark white imprisoned figure. He researched Tule Lake Internment Camp and included the sign to signify that camp.
Demi was struck by David's story and how as a young child he could only take a few items from home. She created a painting of a child's teddy bear falling apart and behind barbed wire. She included the images of the simple housing in the background. Each building has a number on it. David described having to remember the number of his "house" since it was the only marking that noted the family living quarters.

Sana wanted to show the contrast of a guard's life at the internment camp and that of an interned child. She used paint and collages scraps of old fabric to create her image.
Justin created this collage of headlines and newspaper articles that he researched.
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