Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 109 - Performance Day! (and violin assignment) - Jennifer Rzasa, Memorial School Music Teacher

This post originally appeared on the Memorial School Music Blog

The assignment for next week:  D Scale (ascending/descending) with bow, pages 15-16 in the book.

I love performance days!  As a reminder, the first lesson of each month will be a "Performance Day," and students will have the opportunity to play a song of their choice!  I remind students to play something that represents their best work, however it should be a fun experience - nothing to get stressed over!  (I would rather them have fun playing a simple song then to have anxiety over playing something more difficult).  Mistakes are always okay :)

My goal is for all students to play confidently with others AND alone.  I think they have been doing an amazing job!  Check out some highlights below:

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