Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 57 - Cyber Bullying - iMovies, Mrs. Scheffer's Digital Literacy Class at BHS

This post appeared originally on the BHS Digital Literacy-Web 2.0 Class Blog

For the past several weeks, Digital Literacy students have been hard at work creating their cyber bullying iMovie trailers. The trailer I created to serve as an example can be viewed here. For this project, students had to select a trailer theme, create a storyboard, and produce their very own iMovie trailers. For many students, this was their first experience using the iMovie iPad app. They are excited to use the app again and continue developing their skills in planning and organizing high-quality videos. I am very proud to share their creations!

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  1. What a stellar job you are doing, Jenn! You're challenging your students; providing them ample resources to reach new horizons; engaging them with the most current of tools; meeting their various learning styles and preferences; promoting self directed learning, all of which has been successfully completed because you are continuously supporting them, encouraging them, believing in them, and investing wholeheartedly in them. What a phenomenal mentor you are to us! Looking forward to having you come into my classroom to expand my technological skills in my pedagogy.