Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 44 - Future of Facebook - Cecilia Chang, BHS Senior

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BHS Senior Cecilia Chang

I think Facebook started off as really good idea, granted it was taken from someone else. It was really new and innovative when it first came out. It was a free service to talk to friends, connect with others and see what other people have been doing with their lives. It allowed people to share with others. I think this is a really cool website to have. But Facebook changed, and with it, my opinion of the site. I felt like every month there was something new and the layout was always changing. People hate change. I am no exception. 

So, I hated it when Facebook kept changing itself. It kept having new and improved features, which frankly I think are not necessary. The reason Facebook drew people in was it’s simply layout and ability to connect. Facebook is no longer simple and filled with ads now. I first used Facebook as a way to connect with my friends and get messages from my dance team and other people I couldn’t see on a daily basis. I used it mostly for communication and the occasional status update. I was never into putting my life online. I figure if I can talk to someone face-to-face, I might as well just do it. 

My activity has changed because I’ve stopped using Facebook except for getting messages from people I don’t see everyday and my dance team, and I barely check for those anymore because Facebook is exhausting. I don’t need to be seeing how someone is going out to breakfast, how they don’t know what to get, what food they end up getting, and how they feel after. Most of my friends use Facebook just slightly more actively than I do, but most of us just prefer to talk to each other and most of the activity is from other people writing on their walls or tagging them.

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