Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 19 - BHS Drama and Journalism Classes Causing Scenes - Callie Graham and Anne Ford, BHS English Dept.

Callie Graham and Anne Ford, teachers at BHS, recently collaborated on a Journalism project. Ford’s Drama class prepared scenes that might happen in a high school setting. They then performed them guerrilla-style, where the remainder of the class was caught off-guard. Then Graham’s Journalism students entered the room and had to conduct impromptu interviews of the bystanders, “victims,” and “administrators” to piece together the story. Drama students were able to work on fully engaging in a believable scene, while Journalism students honed their interviewing skills.

Ms. Graham’s plans for this year’s Journalism students is to bring back the paper copy of The Devil’s Advocate, and this exercise gave them some great, on-the-ground experience with how to interview subjects and how to “find the story.”

Check out more pictures from the event below!

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