Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 12 - Marshall Simonds Middle School Technology and Engineering Class

This post originally appeared on the Marshall Simonds Middle School Blog.
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Students in Mr. Kille and Mr. Hodges’ class are off to a fast start working on a variety of projects. The 7th graders pictured above have programed their Lego robot using Mindstorm NXT software. The robots can perform many different functions, depending on how they are programmed and constructed. Students can follow existing plans or create their own.
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After learning about multiple ways bridges can be designed, students create balsa wood models. The students follow the proper building process – creating thumbnail sketches and then converting the best idea into scale drawings and then moving on to the actual construction of the bridge.
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This student has taken a picture of her scale drawing in Mr. Hodges’ class. Students use grid paper to learn about scale. This assignment requires students to scale their image 6x larger than the original. Once the image has been scaled up, it is redrawn and colorized.
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