Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 1 - Riding With Dottie (Part 5) - Eric Conti, Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Conti and Dottie
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I am always excited the first day of school. While not every student outwardly shares my enthusiasm, I know that inside they can’t wait to see their friends and to get back to school. The only other group that is happier for the start of the school year is the parents. The smiles on the faces of parents at the bus stops are priceless.
The opening day bus ride also reminds me of one of the many special characteristics of Burlington. There are countless school districts who operate with anonymous bus drivers. Clearly, Burlington parents prefer celebrity bus drivers. Drivers like Dottie are an important start and end to the first day back as well as every day that follows.
Thank you to A&F Bus Company and drivers like Dottie for another successful first day.
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